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BCB GSA Officers 2014 - 2015

The BCB GSA hosts a graduate student led journal club every other Thursday. All BCB graduate students are invited to attend and participate. Lunch is served for all attendees.

In addition, the BCB GSA hosts monthly events to blow off some steam and relax after long hours in the lab. These events include sports nights, movie nights, and volunteer opportunities in the Houston area.

All meeting dates are posted on the BCB Graduate Student Google Calendar at the beginning of each semester. If you would like to present at the journal club, have a great idea for a monthly event, or would like to be more involved with the BCB GSA, please contact Brian Engel or Kim Gonzalez.

Office Name email@rice.edu 713-348-xxxx Lab
President Kim Gonzalez klg1 3034 Bartel
Vice-President Thomas Clements tclements31  3003 Wagner
Secretary Brian Engel brian.j.engel  3649 Carson
Treasurer Andrew Hirning ajhirning 4393 M. Bennett
GSA Representative   Mauro Rinaldi mar4 3034 Bartel
2nd Year Representative Carlos Origel carlos.origel  3080 Segatori
2nd Year Representative Samantha Collum samantha.collum  6963 Braam
3rd Year Representative Mariane Martinez mariane.martinez 8302  Farach-Carson
4th Year + Representative Alicia Jones alicia.jones 4936  Silberg
4th Year + Representative Anisha Perez anisha.m.perez   2492  Shamoo
4th Year + Representative Erin O'Brien  erinobrien
4393  M. Bennett
4th Year + Representative David Shis david.l.shis 4393  M. Bennett      

We had 8 PHD graduates in the 2012-2013 academic year. Below are photos from the 2013 doctoral hooding ceremony:

2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0016 2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0014
2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0001 2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0002
2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0007 2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0008
2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0009 2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0011
2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0020 2013_Hooding_Ceremony20130510_0021

Got BCBGSA news? Email mscates@rice.edu.