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BCB Advising for Undergraduates

Below please find contact information for academic advisors in Biochemistry & Cell Biology.  For descriptions of the major fields that we offer please see "Degree Programs and Requirements."

Academic advisors

We have two teams of department academic advisors to assist students who are considering a major in Biochemistry & Cell Biology or Biological Sciences and to assist junior and senior students majoring in one of these fields. 

Pre-prospective and prospective students 
Freshmen and Undeclared Sophomores 

We communicate with incoming students and advise freshmen and sophomores formally and informally.  We are here to assist prospective majors and others such as premedical students who need specific information about our programs, lecture courses, and laboratory courses.

To schedule a meeting with a Prospective Student Advisor contact Monica Roberts.

Dr. Beth Beason-Abmayr: 326 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2535; bbeason@rice.edu
Dr. Liz Eich: 342 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x6144; lizmc@rice.edu
Dr. Mike Gustin: W-200G George Brown Hall; x5158; gustin@rice.edu
Dr. Kathy Matthews: 203 Keck; x4871; ksm@rice.edu
Dr. James McNew (Chair): 713 BRC; x3133; mcnew@rice.edu
Dr. Alma Novotny: 345 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x4015; novotnya@rice.edu
Dr. Dereth Phillips: 340 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x2343; derethp@rice.edu

Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores who have declared a major in Biochemistry and Cell Biology or Biological Sciences

We sign Declaration of Major forms and advise students who have decided to major in these subjects. We assist them with course selections and degree planning, and audit transcripts for completion of major requirements.

Dr. Kate Beckingham: W130 GBH; x4016; kate@rice.edu
         Declared majors whose last names begin with A-H

Dr. Dave Caprette (Chair): 327 Anderson Biological Laboratories; x3498; caprette@rice.edu
         Declared majors whose last names begin with I-P

Dr. Charles Stewart: W104 GBH; x4926, crs@rice.edu
         Declared majors whose last names begin with Q-Z


Special Issues:  Study Abroad, Transfer Credit, etc.

Dr. George Bennett: 813 BRC; x4920; gbennett@rice.edu